Matt Erlandson – Finesse Commercial (2014)

The repeatedly stated goal of ETB is to hype the homies up. to fuel the fire.I was listening to Dipset and and realized I could still be putting on for the squad even harder. I think those dudes be feeding off each other. They are all probaly listening to each other more than any outside influences and that is so sick. Truman Hooker down in PB is a fucking legend, but he and his CREW IN THE TRENCHES is doing the same thing. They wake up everyday and just feed off each other and promote each other. It doesn’t hurt when your group is on top, but you just feed back into it. Anyways, here is Matt fucking ripping. That nollie flip is so gosh dang diddly insane. I love straight long nollie flips and this one is a greatest hit from a great nollie flipper.

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