Theotis Beasley – Chronicles 2

I only went back and watched this part because he skates to Lil’ Wayne and I was listening to some weezy during my flatground session; think of it like gym music. Watching the part though made me realize how long ago 2014 was. If Theo was a rapper he would release a boring album packed full of features from OG’s on Death Row. He skates slow and mostly skates manuals. He does double flips. He made his career in Baker 3 just being a little black kid with a hug smile and a love for skateboarding. Well now we have Kader who is much more enjoyable to watch. I can’t help but feel like skateboarding left Theo behind with this part. He already didn’t party so he just moved on to skating his backyard spot and saying “Belee Dat!” Even 4 years later skating to Lil’ Wayne would seem too corny to put in a mainstream video. Skating likes to think of itself as a small secret club, so someone bumping top 40 artists, wearing athletic gear and sports team hats makes skateboarders skeptical. Theo does not care about your trends. He will crack a Mt. Dew and get to have a session with the same Lil’ Wayne he skated to and they will laugh about how corny we are.

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