Bobby Worrest – Real Street 2018


I am spending a week in Washington DC visiting my grandfather. Every kid has the place that they got taken to as a kid that there is a certain nostalgia for, and mine is the Capital Mall. Getting dragged thru the natural history museum to look at dinosaurs all the way to the inspiration i get from going to the art galleries now. Pulaski park, or Freedom Plaza, is right in the middle of all these places I’ve been coming since I was a child. In 2014 I skated the plaza for the first time and accidentally deleted a line of Matt fs flipping off the ledge. I’ll probably never live that one down, i’m still catching grief over it.

Watching this Bobby Worrest “part” for xgames is really cool. Bobby and Pulaski share so much and it is really cool when a skater can connect with a place so strongly. Everyone has a place that they end up skating with their homies over and over again. You build a connection to the concrete, the way the ledges grind, the way the transition curves, they all become as much a part of your skating as anything else. I would love to see more footage of skaters shamelessly skating their home court. Be it Connors’ or the driveway in front of the house, people often skate their most comfortable and enjoyable at home.

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