5 Videos I’ve Watched Back 2 Back

I had a thought today about how I haven’t watched the same thing twice in a long time. There is way too much good skateboarding and my memory is like a goldfish. Although I remember a time when I would watch the same video over and over again. Repeated viewing helps you notice the fine details and really build a relationship with a video.

This is not a list of my 7 favorite videos by any means, but it is a list of videos that hold a special place in my heart and really connect me to a specific moment in time. Like when you leave a CD in your car and it reminds you of a specific month when you heard that CD dozens of time. Do people just spotify now? Repeated viewing helps you notice the fine details and really build a relationship with a video. Repeated viewing helps you notice the fine details and really build a relationship with a video.

1. Zero – Dying to Live

My friend had this one on VHS, when I would go over to his house and he would be watching As soon as it was over we would start it over and watch the parts I missed, then usually the rest of it. Because of this video, I thought skateboarding was just jumping down stuff for the first 5 years or so.

2. Almost – Round 3

When this video came out we had a “premiere” at my house. We moved the couch back from against the wall and put it right in front of the TV. We cheered like Daewon could actually hear us and as soon as the credits ended we smashed that play button again. We would go skate and leave it playing so I’m sure my mom gets flashbacks when “Any Way You Want It” Plays

3. Nike – Chronicles Vol 1.

The super-gloss production value that is now the norm for the corporate skate at the time felt new and exciting. I remember feeling like skate videos had taken a step forward. It is one of the only videos I’ve ever bought on Itunes so best bet I was going to get my money’s worth. The lineup felt so stacked it would be impossible to bring together. When Lewis Marnell brought the good vibes, followed by Wieger skating to a favorite Bowie song, I was knocked off my feet by GT to Slayer. It pretty much set the tone for Nike ad’s since with the little contained personality project.

4. Bronze56K – ***Solo Jazz***

This video knocked my socks off. After years of frying my brain on /b/ and illegally downloading any mix tapes I could, there was a video that was speaking the same language. I loved every little animation, every song change, I listened to Macintosh Plus, I loved the VX that was dying as compared to the HD at the time. I like that they have toned down on the animations and DJ sound bites lately to focus on the skating more, but at the time this video blew my fucking mind. On repeat until it completely fried me.

5. Tim & Henry’s – Pack of Lies

This is my current favorite video (because its the best video of all time) and the only thing stopping me from watching it more times in a row is it makes me go skate. From the very first moment when Brian Lotti does a fs blunt kickflip. Before you even have a chance to sit down after pressing play it is kicking my ass. Sometimes I watch the first montage twice, then watch Tim’s part twice before I even make it to Henry. They are my conscience, one on each shoulder. Tim tells me to never tick tac and make sure I come out of my tricks straight, no matter how technical. Henry stands on my other shoulder reminding me to go faster. It’s actually 20 mins long because I always need more and have to watch it again.


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