Adidas – Away Days Guide

Away days is here and is lining up to be one of the top skate videos released this year. It falls under a recurring theme of big shoe companies putting out huge skate videos. Even skate owned die-hards can’t deny how good Propeller, Chronicles, and now Away Days are. While this list would have been better before the video was released, its still enjoyable if you haven’t picked up the video. This isn’t a best of, it is a b-sides of YouTube gems.

Mark Gonzalez in France (filmed on laptop)

Instead of the same Gonz footage everyone has seen 100x, I prefer this strange session of modern Gonz. It is confusing but somehow compelling.

Dennis Busenitz and a Slappy Curb

Even when skating a curb Busenitz does it with speed and style and things you didn’t think were possible to power through.

Silas Baxter-Neal SOTY 2008

Let us not forget that Silas was SOTY 8 years ago and is better than ever.

Lucas Puig – Fully Flared

When the song changes to Big Tymers and he just keeps going, I lose my shit. Nothing is as gangster as going those tech switch tricks so clean. “I’m rich bitch, im a fuckin big tymer!!!!!!”

Nestor Judkins – Bad Hair Day

Nestor seems to be the butt of a lot of jokes, and he probably gets it worse than most skating with the Enjoy/Tiltmode guys. This one making fun of his pretty hair is amazing at poking fun at himself.

Benny Fairfax – Nollie Heel Santa Monica (Subtleties)

This is really just for the last trick. It is the perfect example of a fast popped nollie heel. Crazier tricks have gone down since, but that nollie heel is still way up there.

Rodrigo TX – Menikmati

One of the most iconic shoe videos of all time. If skateboarding continues to favor large shoe companies for the full length skate video, Es’s Menikmati was the first of its kind.

Mark Suciu – Sabatoge 4

After his recent interviews I wasn’t sure how much footage Suciu would have. His intro would say that Gary Rogers felt the same way, instead he came through, consistent as always.

Miles Silvas – Welcome to LRG

Well I was going to put up his 1947 part because that shit is my jam, 2015 part of the year for me. But it got taken off youtube. It is the only part that got taken off, everyone else is still up. WEAK! instead you get this welcome, which gives a taste, but isn’t the full meal.

Jack Fardell – Cards Rail 5050

This rail is so screwed. It is more crooked than Navarette’s nose. Seeing the tries just builds the anticipation like a well paced film.

Pete Eldridge – Bootleg

I feel like Bootleg is criminally underappreciated and I am determined to bring that shit back. This part with Maldonado is pure style.

Jake Donnelly – Kickflip Ishod

This is fitting because Gonz and stuff. It also looks like these dudes are having a lot of fun, not taking themselves seriously at all. Ishod on a motorcycle is kind of scary though.

Nak-el Smith & Tyshawn Jones – Supreme Red Devil

This is my favorite of the Strobek mini edits, which hold the crown of the 2016 internet video. This one features both. Peep Tyshawns bigpsin heel @ 2:16. (spoiler alert: Tyshawn had my fav part in the whole Away Days vid.)

Lem Villemin – Gypsy Life

Despite the fact that he left the Gypsy Life tour early because he couldn’t hang, he has a style that isn’t really like anyone elses. But he will never life down this tour.

Alec Majerus – KotR Broken Leg

King of the road keeps getting gnarlier each year. When Majerus had to go to the hospital in 2014, I thought for sure he would never come back the same. Sure enough he came back for Away days and the Volcom video.

Chewy Cannon – Transworld Transmission

Remember when transworld was the budding hub for internet skateboarding content? They had good parts like this, they had their own in the park footage before the berrics, they had cool segments. Some how it never caught on like Thrasher and Hellaclips did. Kinda like Adio making weed socks in 2003.


Klaus Bohms – Estilo Brasileiro

I just watched 411vm issue 64 the Brazil issue and this dude is from Brazil. Brazil seems like it’s own world, like Europe or Los Angeles.

Raul Navarro – Skate Copa

A few years ago when Adidas put out there little Skate Copa video I really liked everyone who was in it and they concept of people skating for their home country. I knew everyone in the video except Navarro. Apparently he is a 90’s legend who helped make ledge skating what is is today. News to me, I still can’t get into his style. Sorry dude. (He does kinda look like an RC homie named Fernando. Shout out Nando!)

Gunes Ozdogan – The Secret Basement Re-edit

How am I supposed to type this guys name? I’ve never heard of him but he goes fast and stuff. I guess watch and learn.

Dennis Durrant – Circa It’s Time

This video was a big deal when it came out. Compared to the shoe company videos of today it was small time, but back then this was a quality video forma  shoe team. I especially loved Durrant because he was on Popwar. Popwar was the tits and I want to do an article about how sick Popwar was.

Kevin Lowry – Welcome to Coaltree

This video has so much city vibe that it left my mouth tasting like brick dust. Another name I wasn’t familiar with but enjoyed learning about someone new.


Gustav Tonnesen – Skatemafia/Sweet – Stee

This part is all time maximum hype level. Gustav can pop turn and grind in the most awkward directions casually. Then like chocolate to his peanut butter , he shares the a part with Tyler Surrey. This just bleeds style and I could watch it 100 times over. I actually have to stop writing this so I can watch it right now.