YoYo Shultz Freestyle In San Diego

Working with LookBack Library I have had the chance to see tons of skateboarding I was always too young for. The basic joy of 80’s skateboarding, along with everyone just kind of figuring it out is charming. I have also been ashamed to admit how many legends I don’t know. We will be working and someone will come up and be half interested in the mags and talkĀ  a little, and when they leave I am asked “Do you know who you were just talking to?” it is good for keeping me from being starstruck but also shoes how little I know.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to meet YoYo from Germany. No only is he older then I ever paid attention to, but he is also a freestyle skater. He came through super nice and willing to chit-chat about his tricks hes invented and showing off his custom board. So with a sharp left turn here is some freestyle skating in sunny San Diego.

James Truesdale – 2006

Our brother James has a birthday coming soon and along with it there might video part with it. When we were kids James was always keeping us progressing because he was the first to jump down any stair set and had confidence unlimited. He went off and did real life stuff while we still played skateboards in fantasy land, only to pick it up in a few years and be even BETTER. If you ever think getting back into skating is impossible, he is living proof how good it can be. Enjoy this early part while the finishing touches are put on the new one.

Ramshakle – 2013

When we were fresh to San Marcos and looking for people to skate with we spent some time with the MHC crew out in the streets. At the time the brand run by Tinbum was still just a crew involving some friends from Australia and some friends in America. Super chill and not too serious, just like the Australians themselves. Me and Matt were happily surprised to have tricks in the friend section of this video. This single trick in a homie video felt like my pro debut. Thanks Tinbum!

Confusion Skate Zine – Mammoth

Call it Mammoth week because everybody just spent time at the mountain. At the same time as we had our trip the other local crew we roll with MHC was just getting back from their adventure. I had heard rumors of the To Fakie Crew being up there the week before as well. Then as soon as I get home and decide to watch some skating, I see this edit! With our edit coming soon and a flood of instagram videos from nature, Ill post this to hold you over till ours gets done. If you ever get a chance to go to the eastern sierras, do it! California is so much more beautiful than LA would lead you to believe.

Brian Hastings – Let’s Groove

New part from Brian is great. He is like 9 feet tall but that is why he smiles so big all the time; so that we can see his big ass grin from down here on earth. His trick selection is great and he only does my favorite tricks (switch flips, back tails). Usually when I see Brian skating I hear soundcloud rap but it was nice to see him skate to something classic. This is a good one.

Vincent Milou – Noon: 30

You’ve all seen the front blunt and you’ve probably seen the kickflip lipslide but this frenchman is the full package. He’s got incredible skill on rails and an even better kickflip. Seeing him motivate himself on a solo mission to do some of these tricks as if it is a switch he just has to turn on and the ripping begins. He never doubts himself and when he can’t do a trick he knows it often before the first try. I got very lucky to shoot some photos of him before he takes over the world!

Bobby Worrest – Real Street 2018


I am spending a week in Washington DC visiting my grandfather. Every kid has the place that they got taken to as a kid that there is a certain nostalgia for, and mine is the Capital Mall. Getting dragged thru the natural history museum to look at dinosaurs all the way to the inspiration i get from going to the art galleries now. Pulaski park, or Freedom Plaza, is right in the middle of all these places I’ve been coming since I was a child. In 2014 I skated the plaza for the first time and accidentally deleted a line of Matt fs flipping off the ledge. I’ll probably never live that one down, i’m still catching grief over it.

Watching this Bobby Worrest “part” for xgames is really cool. Bobby and Pulaski share so much and it is really cool when a skater can connect with a place so strongly. Everyone has a place that they end up skating with their homies over and over again. You build a connection to the concrete, the way the ledges grind, the way the transition curves, they all become as much a part of your skating as anything else. I would love to see more footage of skaters shamelessly skating their home court. Be it Connors’ or the driveway in front of the house, people often skate their most comfortable and enjoyable at home.