2018 Phoenix Trip

Our trips aren’t like other trips you are going to read about in magazines. We aren’t doing this because we need to make a 3 min montage to sell some shoes to some remote section of the country. We don’t have to put on demos for 2 dozen pre-teens. Weedmaps didn’t put us up in a tropical paradise. We aren’t out here on a mission for a certain trick and we didn’t drive 15 hours just to realize the spot was too big. We just want to skate new stuff. It is the combination of seeing new things and getting out of the old.

So with no plan greater than a hotel room booked, we headed out to Arizona for a weekend. We left San Diego on a weekday evening and while everyone was driving home work we were headed out the other direction. A list of probably 20 parks got pared down into about 8 ones that we really wanted to skate and by the time we got there it had already been totally changed up to a separate set of parks.

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James Truesdale – 2006

Our brother James has a birthday coming soon and along with it there might video part with it. When we were kids James was always keeping us progressing because he was the first to jump down any stair set and had confidence unlimited. He went off and did real life stuff while we still played skateboards in fantasy land, only to pick it up in a few years and be even BETTER. If you ever think getting back into skating is impossible, he is living proof how good it can be. Enjoy this early part while the finishing touches are put on the new one.

Brian Hastings – Let’s Groove

New part from Brian is great. He is like 9 feet tall but that is why he smiles so big all the time; so that we can see his big ass grin from down here on earth. His trick selection is great and he only does my favorite tricks (switch flips, back tails). Usually when I see Brian skating I hear soundcloud rap but it was nice to see him skate to something classic. This is a good one.

Vincent Milou – Noon: 30

You’ve all seen the front blunt and you’ve probably seen the kickflip lipslide but this frenchman is the full package. He’s got incredible skill on rails and an even better kickflip. Seeing him motivate himself on a solo mission to do some of these tricks as if it is a switch he just has to turn on and the ripping begins. He never doubts himself and when he can’t do a trick he knows it often before the first try. I got very lucky to shoot some photos of him before he takes over the world!

Mike, June, & Brian – Krux

These three are some of my favorites to skate with recently and it is awesome to see them getting love from Krux together. June and Mike have a habit of taking it way too far, and when things get weird and you start to get uncomfortable, they are just getting warmed up. They are up in Norcal getting rained out right now, here is to hoping they get some tricks for another vid like this.



Matt Erlandson – Finesse Commercial (2014)

The repeatedly stated goal of ETB is to hype the homies up. to fuel the fire.I was listening to Dipset and and realized I could still be putting on for the squad even harder. I think those dudes be feeding off each other. They are all probaly listening to each other more than any outside influences and that is so sick. Truman Hooker down in PB is a fucking legend, but he and his CREW IN THE TRENCHES is doing the same thing. They wake up everyday and just feed off each other and promote each other. It doesn’t hurt when your group is on top, but you just feed back into it. Anyways, here is Matt fucking ripping. That nollie flip is so gosh dang diddly insane. I love straight long nollie flips and this one is a greatest hit from a great nollie flipper.

Double Guns 3.5


I don’t like video premiers. Maybe I’m spoiled but the combination of poor viewing quality and having to deal with a bunch of drunk skateboarders makes me want to just watch it at home. Lots of great premiers have passed through the area and I have passed most of them up, no regrets. The Double Guns 4 video is the first local thing I’ve been really excited about in a while, DG was my introduction to San Marcos when I still lived in the desert. I decided to get myself out to the premier of the 3.5 promo in order to get used to these typically awkward premier events.

I was expecting a disaster, being at a brewery just had me expecting “technical difficulties” skateboarders are typically not talented audio/video technicians. Well I was wrong, completely wrong. Everything went off without a hitch. It was a full house but not too crowded that anyone’s view was blocked. The video was clear, the audio wasn’t deafeningly loud. I have to say I felt silly expecting it to fall apart, it went off smoothly.

Oh yeah, the video. It was rad and has me confident DG4 is gonna be just as good as all the others. Zack’s footage gave me the feeling of just hucking it and it got me hyped like an old zero video. There was nothing other than skateboarding in this promo. With so much padding from visual effects, slow mo, skits, any number of things used to pad a video this was straight up tricks and I appreciated the no nonsense.

Over here at ETB we are huge fans of Tim Tom. Even though a lot of this footage I’ve already seen, that’s probably because I am a connoisseur of Tim footage. Some of his tricks could be watched 100x over anyways because they are so clean. He is like the San Marcos Tiago. I legit can’t wait to see his part and what song he picks. A full-length homie video getting love with a real premier is a rare thing in 2017 and how excited I am about it goes to show how important that can be. I still haven’t even watched the new TWS vid, but I’ve already watched tis promo a few times.