Friends in Worship Friendship

We went to Arizona for a week to skate parks and get a change of scenery. I am still recovering. Full article (overly long, like pages of writing I don’t think anyone will read it even me to proof.) and full montage coming very very soon. Meanwhile to get the mood set here is the friends section in a a Pyramid Country video called Worship FRIENDSHIP seems like this must be the part right? These guys rip and make Phoenix look amazing.

Mike, June, & Brian – Krux

These three are some of my favorites to skate with recently and it is awesome to see them getting love from Krux together. June and Mike have a habit of taking it way too far, and when things get weird and you start to get uncomfortable, they are just getting warmed up. They are up in Norcal getting rained out right now, here is to hoping they get some tricks for another vid like this.



Shep Dawgs 5 Review

The first Shep Dawgs videos were named like the first Led Zeppelin albums and the comparison stayed true with Shep Dawgs 4 where it was clear the kids had grown into men with long hair the heavy metal chops to back it up. Not just being fans of the rock n roll life, but living it in that smoky bubble of Oceanside where the 70s are very much alive.

After Zeppelin released 4 they released Houses of the Holy and stopped numbering their albums. While one of the greatest Rock N Roll bands of all time got into studio experiments and cocaine after their 4th entry, the Shep Dawgs continue to produce another classic album.

Most of the team has gone on to bigger things since Vol 4. Let’s just do a tally to keep score. Riley went pro, Kirby went pro, Rowan went pro, Stephen Lawyer lost his mind and went Instagram famous, Tron made manbags the must-have skate accessory right now.

With skateboarding moving in whatever direction it is, the Shep Dawgs stay true to what they know, huge rails and heavy metal and blue jeans. It has to be noted that there is very little nonsense when it comes to tricks, there is a single step off trick in the whole video, provided by a homie (I think Noah Lora?) and the clothing is black t-shirts and blue jeans. This is skateboarding not a fashion show. Continue reading

MSCPB – Most Fired up Summer

After a bit of time running in similar circles with similar friends, nerding out about skating on twitter (@etb_scott) and a feature on his SkateFillet Podcast I finally got around to doing some skateboarding with Grant Fiero and fellow MSCSPB starting power forward Billy Jackson. Billy is good, he got it like that, like how you want it. He was trying some nosegrind – flip out variation on a little flatbar and just sitting in the nosegrind showed master control. This video shows some of that good, the stuff on the bump over rail is all really well done and looks way too easy. See you around boys.

Austin Lenahan – TWS (2015)

A good friend of Bologna and issue 2 cover boy, I’ve never posted any Lenny footage on the blog.Austin has been out with some ankle problems but he has been getting back at it at Mark Park. This is a tws part from a little bit back. I walk past that rail he ollies over everyday at school and always think about it.