Koston vs Lebron?? Who would win

eric-koston-young-lakers-uniform-skateboarding Lebron James now plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, the same town Eric Koston unashamedly wears the jersey of. I’m sure over the next few days there will be lots of speculation as to how funny Lebron will look in the yellow banana suit and I am reminded of Koston wearing it. I realize I feel similarly towards both Koston and James. they may be good, but they have become media personalities representing their sports and are so much larger than what they do well that it detracts from enjoying them. Anyway here is Chomp, GO BLAZERS!

Brandon Biebel, Yeah Right, & Ghostface Killah

So it’s a casual Monday morning and I throw on some random DJ Drama Gangsta Grillz Mixtape while I’m doing morning things. Music that slipped into the background while I worked, but then through the generic boom bap comes these horns atop this beat that I am VERY familiar with. I can’t place my finger on what skate video it is from but I can just see Brandon Biebel doing long ass nosegrinds in giant t-shirts. Is is it chomp? is it Mouse? Is it even Biebs? I have to search the who sampled database and found that it was a Ghostface song.

So I put that on and immediately I know what video it is from, its Yeah Right! and a song that felt more like an instrumental score to his part than an actual song opened up to me in a whole new way. I immediately opened up his part in Yeah Right and muted it to sync up with the original ghostface song that the beat was pulled from. I don’t think my 16-year-old brain could comprehend something gangster enough to actually rap over this beat so I assumed it was just a cool beat. It took me over 10 years to soak in all th Wu-tang classics to get it.

Is it possible to feel nostalgic for something new? It’s helped by hindsight, where 2018 bodybuilder, wallriding over a trashcan Biebel leaves me wanting for this older one who I assumed was as gangster in real life as any of these rappers pretend to be. I mean he did a 360 dunk and already had a voice like a horse at like 20 years old. I was afraid of Beibel, he seemed like the type of dude who would punk little ass me.

This wasnt one of my favorite parts back in the day, I wanted to see people jump and go fast. Skinny me couldnt relate to jeans that big and NBA looking shoes. But now it is some of my favorite tricks, long nose grinds, proper nollie heel tricks. The nollie heel in the tank-top where he immediatly points to the camera and starts talking shit is golden.


This part is really kind of a greatest hits for him because he does all my favorite tricks at the best spots for them. Some of the manual tricks sound like someone wrote them out on paper just to combine the best of biebs abilities.

This part just caught new life, Supreme Clientele is now in my car so the session is going to get hyped up on some classic Biebel hyphy.



Dan Corrigan – In Spite Of Hard Times (2010)

I was lucky to met Dan last weekend after hearing Josh tell stories about him since we met. He is a ridiculously creative skateboarder whose skating has a sense of humor. Since I’m not gonna post anything by that “Instagram company out of a skate park that is a warehouse that is a website” here is an older part that is mostly up in North County anyways. You cans see the building blocks for the mind bending stuff he comes up with being laid here.

Mike Paek – Playground Party

This clip is my favorite parts of Mike’s skating. It’s kinda like he is making fun of skating. It’s not taken too seriously and bits of magic float to the top while the soup is cooking. The best part is being able to skate anything and this translates to when he skate skateparks too. Probably why PQ is his favorite park because there is so much to try and make happen. Skating with him is a blast I need to find a way to capture that for the zine.

2018 Phoenix Trip


We took a quick 3 days to head to the desert and ride some new concrete, just to mix things up. The feeling of discovering something new and doing a trick on something you haven’t done is around every corner. Even if you skate poorly you probably will get something new. Trips like this rule because you get to shake out all the dust that is accumulating in the corners of your comfortable routine.