Mike Paek – Playground Party

This clip is my favorite parts of Mike’s skating. It’s kinda like he is making fun of skating. It’s not taken too seriously and bits of magic float to the top while the soup is cooking. The best part is being able to skate anything and this translates to when he skate skateparks too. Probably why PQ is his favorite park because there is so much to try and make happen. Skating with him is a blast I need to find a way to capture that for the zine.

Theotis Beasley – Chronicles 2

I only went back and watched this part because he skates to Lil’ Wayne and I was listening to some weezy during my flatground session; think of it like gym music. Watching the part though made me realize how long ago 2014 was. If Theo was a rapper he would release a boring album packed full of features from OG’s on Death Row. He skates slow and mostly skates manuals. He does double flips. He made his career in Baker 3 just being a little black kid with a hug smile and a love for skateboarding. Well now we have Kader who is much more enjoyable to watch. I can’t help but feel like skateboarding left Theo behind with this part. He already didn’t party so he just moved on to skating his backyard spot and saying “Belee Dat!” Even 4 years later skating to Lil’ Wayne would seem too corny to put in a mainstream video. Skating likes to think of itself as a small secret club, so someone bumping top 40 artists, wearing athletic gear and sports team hats makes skateboarders skeptical. Theo does not care about your trends. He will crack a Mt. Dew and get to have a session with the same Lil’ Wayne he skated to and they will laugh about how corny we are.

Friends in Worship Friendship

We went to Arizona for a week to skate parks and get a change of scenery. I am still recovering. Full article (overly long, like pages of writing I don’t think anyone will read it even me to proof.) and full montage coming very very soon. Meanwhile to get the mood set here is the friends section in a a Pyramid Country video called Worship FRIENDSHIP seems like this must be the part right? These guys rip and make Phoenix look amazing.

Mike, June, & Brian – Krux

These three are some of my favorites to skate with recently and it is awesome to see them getting love from Krux together. June and Mike have a habit of taking it way too far, and when things get weird and you start to get uncomfortable, they are just getting warmed up. They are up in Norcal getting rained out right now, here is to hoping they get some tricks for another vid like this.