Arto Saari – Mind Field

When I started making this blog, a big part of it was to be able to repost skating that I liked and could watch in one place, but 2016 was so bad in terms of skate videos that I have actually stopped watching as much footage online. Instead I have been digging back into the vault and watching good ol’ full length videos. Mind Field has come up a few times, Health’s part, JJ before he realized how cool he was, Grant Taylor before he went full Anti-Hero, But this Arto part is so good. At the time I felt that Arto was getting past his prime, but looking back now this is a paerfect Arto part with those loooooooong front boards and lipslides that only he can do.

Jeremy Klein – 411 66 Day In The Life

I normally hate day in the life segments. They are always played up to make the persons life look cooler. But this one has JK showing off his massive video game collection, talking shit to team members, picking up dog shit, and heckling all types of people, he ends the day at a strip club. I wish more skaters today were able to stop taking themselves so seriously for 5 mins and have some real fun. Not the type of “fun” that involves silly tricks and dad hats.